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We understand that sometimes taking the first step can be a hurdle to leap over, we not only want to help you leap that hurdle we want to help you cross the finish line. Together as a team we can work towards your personal development and mental health goals. 


We believe that people are only limited by their own beliefs, and therefore when people change their beliefs, they change their lives.


With the right tools we are capable of so much more, as we are only limited to the boundaries of our own mind.

All our plans offer the tools to suit your needs so you can grow and reach your potential, build your ultimate self and reframe past trauma and Experiences. Such as a Person Centred Approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques and Behavioral Change Strategies.



You have the options of choosing 1, 3 or 6 Session Bundles.
We also offer a free consultation via our contact section.


Session Time

Session duration is one hour. Sessions can be done over the phone, in person (where available) or online.
Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or whatever is ideal for you.


Daily Support / Check Ins

We understand that thing can arise randomly, therefore Jamie offers ‘Daily Support / Check Ins’ for his clients that may require this when and where needed (condition apply).
This kind of support can occur via phone, text, social media or whatever suits you.

Another popular form of Check In clients can utilise is an easy to use weekly or fortnightly online questionnaire. Which is great for not only keeping clients on track and accountable, but can also provide vital information for next steps, areas of improvement and behaviour change.


Positive Mind

Throughout your sessions with Jamie, you will be given ways to improve your life. By building new and stronger beliefs systems, challenging negative core beliefs and thought patterns. To not just reach your potential, but create new potential and become more of who you truly deserve to be.



Single Session price $125

3 Session bundle price $325

6 Session bundle price $600

Clients can choose to use their sessions over a weekly or fortnightly basis.  Purchase of sessions is to be made prior to session commencement.


Counselling Support

In addition to the coaching Jamie offers Counselling Support. Jamie has nearly a decades worth of experience. Working with people and supporting them through whatever their experience may be.


100% Personalised

In order for Jamie to support his clients to find success in whatever they desire to achieve, Jamie takes 100% personalised approach to get to know his clients and their stories.

For more information on please
feel free to contact us.

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